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At The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., in North Carolina, we know the law and we know how to help you. We have helped over 7,000 clients file for bankruptcy and each client has been treated with empathy, respect and understanding. Upon its formation, The Cummings Law Firm, P.A. handled mostly bankruptcy cases, and within a few short years, we were handling bankruptcy cases almost exclusively.

We work hard to maintain open lines of communication with our clients and respond promptly to phone calls.
Sandra U. Cummings founded her own law firm in 1981. Together with Humphrey S. Cummings, she formed The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., in 2000. Attorney Sandra U. Cummings began her legal career by representing low-income clients with a legal aid agency. Humphrey S. Cummings has been a senior trial attorney and administrative judge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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When you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court will most likely issue an automatic stay. The automatic stay says that your creditors must immediately stop all attempts to collect on the debt you owe. That means no more phone calls, no more bill collectors and no more creditors making threats about what will happen if you don’t pay your debt.After that comes a long process working with the bankruptcy court, your creditors and a trustee to determine whether you qualify under the guidelines and whether all your property is exempt. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this will involve figuring out which of your assets are exempt.

If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, this will also involve figuring out which of your assets are exempt and setting up a payment plan so that you can pay back all or some of your debt over the next three to five years.Under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act that went into effect in October 2005, this process has become much more complicated. You must provide more information, pay a higher filing fee and meet stricter deadlines. At The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., we have the experience, knowledge and diligence to make sure your bankruptcy is executed successfully.We also practice in the areas of federal and state government discrimination.

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