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Attorney Craig M. Bryan served as a Infantry Captain in the United States Marine Corps before becoming a lawyer. This military experience taught him the value of using systems and standards to solve problems, an approach he continues to take with legal matters. Attorney Craig M. Bryan continues to support veteran causes today by donating a portion of the firm’s proceeds to charities that support veteran causes.

Attorney Craig M. Bryan has a wide network of legal professionals and enjoys providing legal concierge services. Clients who contact the firm but may not be a good fit for Mr. Bryan’s services will put in contact with a trusted attorney from Mr. Bryan’s extended network.

With all the firm’s clients, Attorney Craig M. Bryan strives to offer practical guidance, superior legal representation, and an affordable fee structure. Anyone who wants an attorney who sees the big picture, develops a plan, and supports their life journey rather than a one-time need is invited to contact Bryan Law Firm PLLC.

Mr. Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, spending time with friends, eating at all of the great restaurants in Austin, and investing in small businesses and commercial real estate. This includes coaching his son’s sports teams as well as being actively involved in the Austin business community.

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