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3 years ago Law Firm , Lawyer , Uncategorized

4 Reasons Why Representing Yourself in Court is a Bad Idea

When someone accuses you of a crime and wants to take you to court, the first thing in your mind should be to hire a lawyer. However, there are several people, who believe that self-representation is the best policy.

While this looks great in your head, you should never go to court without hiring the services of a lawyer. Here are four reasons which explain why you should never represent yourself in court:

Emotions can cloud your judgment

When you have to defend yourself in court, it is extremely challenging to keep track of your emotions. As you don’t have the expertise of a professional lawyer, the opinions of your opposition will sway the way you think. They will use different tactics to put you under immense pressure, which makes it difficult to think straight.

If you let your emotions overwhelm your judgment, all the arguments you make, may not be effective. As a result, you won’t attack the evidence, which will only weaken your case.

Freedom and reputation is greater than saving hundreds of dollars

Depending on the accusation from the opposing party, you will either have to pay a large fine or spend time in prison for your crime. Think about it, is it worth to put your freedom and reputation on the line, so that you can save hundreds of dollars?

If you want to ensure your case gets the best representation in court, hiring the services of a top-notch lawyer is a must.

Judge will treat you like a legal counsel member

Just because you choose to represent yourself doesn’t mean that the judge or other members of the court will treat you any different. They will not take the time and effort to bring you up to speed so that you can follow the proceedings of the case. On top of that, the judges and other members of the court aren’t allowed to give you any legal advice.

Laws vary according to the province

One of the biggest problems with representing yourself in Canada is how much you know about the law. As the rules in every Canadian region are different, you won’t know how to navigate through them. By putting yourself in this situation, there is a high chance you won’t be able to defend your case successfully.

Now that you know the dangers of self-representation make sure you always hire a lawyer, before going to court!

3 years ago Law Firm , Lawyer

How do I find the Best Lawyers

When you have to deal with legal problems such as inheritance, criminal charges, divorce, lawsuit, or, child custody, hiring a lawyer is always the best option. Trying to take matters into your hands may not work, as you don’t have the technical skills or knowledge about the law to tackle different issues.

In a lot of legal cases, having a lawyer is essential, as he/she can improve your situation significantly. It also saves you ample amounts of money and time, while giving you the opportunity to avoid legal trouble in the future.

As there are hundreds of lawyers in your locality, you don’t know which one to hire. After all, you want to ensure the legal advisor has your best interest in mind. Before you start looking for lawyers, you need to understand your legal situation, so that you can hire an appropriate lawyer. Here are two tips you can use to find the best lawyers in Canada:

Ask for referrals

An excellent way to ensure you are getting a great lawyer is to approach people and get personal referrals. For instance, if one of your family members had to deal with a similar legal situation, you can always ask him/her about his/her lawyer and how the professional handled his/her case.

You can also approach groups, which gives you the opportunity to obtain a large number of high-quality leads for lawyers. However, make sure you meet the lawyer, discuss your case, and know if you feel comfortable working with him/her, before hiring him/her.

Get in touch with local law societies

If you want experienced and licensed lawyers, you should always check with the local law societies. Every legal advisor has to become a member of their province’s bar association, making it a great place to start. They have websites, which allows you to search for lawyers and paralegals according to their name or postal code.

Once you have the contact information of these legal advisors, make sure you spend time learning about their services. Take a look at their website to get an idea of how they portray themselves to the public. Also, make an appointment with the lawyer, so that you can go to his/her office, giving you the opportunity to see how he/she runs his/her business.

Remember, it is essential you feel comfortable with the legal advisor, so that it becomes easy to work with him/her. These are the two ways you can find the best lawyers in Canada!

3 years ago Law Firm , Lawyer

Importance of Legal Directories for Attorneys

When people want to hire lawyers, their first course of action is to ask their friends, family, and community members for recommendations. Once they acquire the necessary information, they will start searching for attorneys online, to get a better idea on them.

Legal directories play a crucial role when it comes to clients, as these services provide invaluable data on whether they can trust certain law firms. Search engines also give higher priority to these websites, ensuring they are in the front page of every search result. At the same time, these sites have tremendous amounts of content to help clients get a better understanding of their legal problems.

As an attorney, you can never afford to ignore legal directories as it comes with a myriad of benefits. Here are three reasons why you should utilize these websites:

Attract leads from legal directories

Legal directories are popular among clients as they provide all the information they need. For example, you have to create a profile and upload essential data about your area of practice, expertise, and qualifications, to name a few.

Clients will use this information to get in touch with your law firm, increasing the number of leads. With the right techniques, you can convert these prospects into customers, which will help your business immensely.

Establish a strong reputation online

With thousands of attorneys providing legal services throughout Canada, it becomes crucial that you stand out from the rest of the competition. One significant advantage of legal directories is that they allow customers to post reviews about law firms.

These reviews are important as potential clients can understand if your law firm has what it takes to handle their cases. When you run a business, you should make it a point to ask your customers to leave a review on legal directories, as it boosts your reputation.

Increase traffic to your website

It isn’t always necessary that prospects will start searching for your law firm by name. Sometimes, they will only enter their legal problem along with attorney or lawyer to find the right one. Legal directories make it easier for potential clients to discover your website. At the same time, your law firm will start appearing in local searches. By increasing your online visibility, traffic to your website will increase significantly.

Now that you are aware of how legal directories will help you as an attorney, make it a point to create exceptional profiles on these websites!

3 years ago Employment Law , Law Firm , Lawyer

Workplace Investigation – When should you Conduct One?

As an employer in Canada, it is essential that you ensure your workplace is safe and secure for all your employees. However, even if you take the appropriate measures to keep your establishment functional and cooperative, there will be situations when you receive complaints of harassment, violence, or other similar incidents from your employees.


If you or your employees witness harassment in the workplace, you must conduct a workplace investigation. For instance, if there are comments about weight, screaming or shouting, discriminatory behavior or remarks, cyber-bullying, and offensive jokes are some of the forms which fall under this category. As this classification is broad, you have to place yourself in the shoes of a reasonable person, and see if the comments were acceptable.

Sexual harassment

If there is any form of sexual harassment, it becomes crucial you conduct workplace investigation immediately. One type of sexual harassment is an individual making advances or solicitation against your employee, as this person has the power to deny employment opportunities. Another form of sexual harassment is when an individual makes comments against your employee due to his/her sexual orientation, sex, or on other similar grounds.


If an individual indulges in workplace violence, such as using physical force to hurt or attempt to injure your employee calls for workplace investigation. Even if a person behaves or makes statements which suggest the use of physical force to harm an employee falls under workplace violence.

Essential tips for employers conducting workplace investigations

As the entire process is stressful, you need to make sure you hold the workplace investigation properly. Use these tips to ensure there are no problems during the procedure:

  • Make sure the interviewers speak to all individuals who know about the incident.
  • Irrespective of whether the meeting is informal or formal, you should document every stage of workplace investigations, without fail.
  • When you are taking action, make sure you explain the situation to all the parties involved in the investigation.
  • If the parties continue to remain your employees after the investigation, ensure you follow up to understand if the action produced the right results. Also, check up on the complainant to see if the individual is comfortable with your workplace.

Why do you need lawyers for conducting workplace investigations?

When you have to conduct a workplace investigation, it is crucial you do so in the presence of lawyers who are experts in this field. Although it may not be necessary, experienced individuals will add more weight to the investigation.

3 years ago Law Firm , Lawyer

Selecting a Lawyer in Canada 101

When you are facing legal issues in Canada, the first thing you want to do is, hire the services of a great lawyer. However, the process tends to be overwhelming, as you don’t know where to start. If you go online, you find thousands of legal advisors who are ready to help you out at different prices.

Sometimes, finding the right lawyer will help turn your life around entirely. For instance, if you are trying to come to a settlement in your divorce case, it is essential you ask expert legal advisors to represent you in court. Use these three tips, which will help you select a lawyer in Canada:

Go through the accomplishments and credentials

As you need to services of a lawyer, you need to ensure that you are getting someone who has the right credentials and accomplishments. It is easy for legal advisors to claim that they have the necessary certifications and qualifications to handle your case. However, they may not have real-life expertise to ensure the case goes in your favor.

When you are narrowing down on your options, you need to make sure that he/she has been in the news for winning a case. At the same time, they should hold degrees in higher education (beyond law school).

Specialization is key

When you are selecting a lawyer in Canada, it is always better to hire the services of those who specialize in different areas of law. While general practitioners can handle smaller cases which cover basic or simple matters, you cannot assume that they will do a great job when the complexity rises.

As there are nuances among criminal, civil, and corporate cases, legal advisors may not be well-versed in all of them. When you hire specialists, they will be aware of all the laws in their area of interest, which will give you the upper hand.

Take a tour of the office

If you want to get a proper idea of the lawyer, ask him/her if you can take a look of his/her office. Does the lawyer maintain his/her workspace in an orderly and neat manner? Do the staff employed by the legal advisor seem happy working at his/her place? If you notice any discrepancies in the office, it is a huge red flag.

By following these three tips, you can select the best lawyer in Canada. Always take your time when you have to make this decision, as it can make or break your case!

3 years ago Employment Law , Law Firm , Lawyer

Is It Possible To Sue Your Employer?

One of the most common questions every employee has is whether it is possible to sue the employer. As long as you are not a unionized worker, you can take your employer to court.

What should you do as a unionized employee?

When you are in a union, you need to get in touch with the representative or shop steward to know what is the course of action. In this situation, you have to go through the grievance process, which is a part of the collective agreement.

The representatives are the ones who are responsible for resolving the problems with your employer. However, if you do believe that they could have taken different steps to handle the grievance, you can file an administrative complaint against them.

What if you are not a unionized employee?

If the employer violates the obligations and duties that come under the human rights and employment law, you can take them to court. Before you approach a lawyer, try to negotiate with the employer, to see if both parties can come to a mutual agreement. However, if your situation remains the same, despite your best efforts to bring your grievance to light, you should file a lawsuit.

When is the right time to take action against your employer?

Keep in mind that you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer, only because you are unhappy with your life in the workplace. Take action, if you face the following situations in your workplace:


Under Canadian law, if you suffer from discrimination by your employer, it is possible to file a lawsuit against them. For instance, if they denied a raise in your salary or promotion due to your gender, ethnicity, or religion, you should get in touch with a lawyer.


While sexual harassment is the most common type employees face in the workplace, there are other forms. For example, if you face harassment from a supervisor, client, or coworker, you can ask your employer to take the appropriate action. If the situation remain the same, despite bringing it to the attention of higher authorities, you can file a lawsuit.

Wrongful dismissal

Employees tend to have an unpleasant relationship with their employers if they get fired due to various reasons. However, if you believe the employer dismissed you under illegal or unlawful purposes, you have the option of suing them.

If you want to take action against your employer because you believe they didn’t follow the law, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible!

3 years ago Law Firm , Lawyer

3 Characteristics Which Make A Great Lawyer

When you need to hire the services of a lawyer, you tend to wonder if you are getting the best of the lot. From the first glance, it looks like every practitioner is excellent, but after working with them for a while, you realize that they lack the qualities to help win your case. You may also be a student who aspires to be a lawyer in the future, or you are already one, and you want to become better at your profession. Irrespective of your situation, here are three characteristics which make a great lawyer:

Analytical expertise

As lawyers have to deal with large volumes of information while studying and practicing their profession, it becomes essential to develop knowledge in analyzing the data. They must have the ability to make logical sense of any situation, after going through vast quantities of material. Sometimes, there will be situations where there are multiple conclusions regarding the topic of discussion. A great lawyer should be able to choose the right solution, which will resolve the majority of the problems.

Assertive over aggressive

Several people believe that lawyers need to be aggressive to be effective in court. However, this characteristic does more harm than good as these types of legal advisers won’t pay attention to the opinions of other people, while putting across their points. It becomes difficult for such attorneys to understand the different problems of their clients. Also, they create situations which affect interpersonal relationships, making the environment hostile. As a result, the parties involved will find it next to impossible to come to an agreement. On the other hand, being assertive is an excellent characteristic, as these lawyers know how to express their opinions, without being disrespectful.

Out of the box thinking

It is the lawyer’s job to find solutions, which will get their clients out of various problems. As every situation is unique, the legal adviser must come up with unique answers, which appropriately handle different situations. 

Due to this reason, lawyers must be able to think out of the box, to provide the right solutions. Creativity will help the attorneys to create permanent results, which meet the requirements of their clients. Similarly, it becomes essential for lawyers to have exceptional research and listening skills, as these abilities will help them understand different cases. Lawyers with these traits are the ones who make it to the top of the game!

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