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Child Custody in Canada 101

The last thing that every married couple has in their mind is the word, divorce. When things don’t go according to plan or the relationship doesn’t last, the most common action taken by the husband and wife is to go this route. However, when you have children in the picture, the whole process tends to Read More

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How To Get A Divorce In Canada?

When you have tried everything you can imagine to save your marriage, but it ends up failing, the only option remaining is to file for divorce. In Canada, when you want to legally separate from your partner, it comes under the Divorce Act. Criteria for eligibility To be eligible for divorce, you need to meet Read More

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Becoming a Better Lawyer – 4 Crucial Tips

Becoming better in your profession is essential, as it is personally and financially satisfying. Even if you have been a lawyer for several years, there are several ways you can improve. Here are four crucial tips you can use to become a master in your area of expertise: Always remain respectful It is easy to Read More

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How do I find the Best Lawyers

When you have to deal with legal problems such as inheritance, criminal charges, divorce, lawsuit, or, child custody, hiring a lawyer is always the best option. Trying to take matters into your hands may not work, as you don’t have the technical skills or knowledge about the law to tackle different issues. In a lot Read More

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