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4 Reasons Why Representing Yourself in Court is a Bad Idea

When someone accuses you of a crime and wants to take you to court, the first thing in your mind should be to hire a lawyer. However, there are several people, who believe that self-representation is the best policy.

While this looks great in your head, you should never go to court without hiring the services of a lawyer. Here are four reasons which explain why you should never represent yourself in court:

Emotions can cloud your judgment

When you have to defend yourself in court, it is extremely challenging to keep track of your emotions. As you don’t have the expertise of a professional lawyer, the opinions of your opposition will sway the way you think. They will use different tactics to put you under immense pressure, which makes it difficult to think straight.

If you let your emotions overwhelm your judgment, all the arguments you make, may not be effective. As a result, you won’t attack the evidence, which will only weaken your case.

Freedom and reputation is greater than saving hundreds of dollars

Depending on the accusation from the opposing party, you will either have to pay a large fine or spend time in prison for your crime. Think about it, is it worth to put your freedom and reputation on the line, so that you can save hundreds of dollars?

If you want to ensure your case gets the best representation in court, hiring the services of a top-notch lawyer is a must.

Judge will treat you like a legal counsel member

Just because you choose to represent yourself doesn’t mean that the judge or other members of the court will treat you any different. They will not take the time and effort to bring you up to speed so that you can follow the proceedings of the case. On top of that, the judges and other members of the court aren’t allowed to give you any legal advice.

Laws vary according to the province

One of the biggest problems with representing yourself in Canada is how much you know about the law. As the rules in every Canadian region are different, you won’t know how to navigate through them. By putting yourself in this situation, there is a high chance you won’t be able to defend your case successfully.

Now that you know the dangers of self-representation make sure you always hire a lawyer, before going to court!

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